•Daddy’s lil girl•

Riya Basu

I’ve always been closer to my dad. From going to that party or asking money for shopping, I always go to my dad first cause he is the one who usually says yes! 😋
He is the one who calls me every other hour when I’m away, to make sure I’m okay.
He is the one who toils so hard just to get a roof to live under, food to eat and all the luxury I ever need.
Breaking the myths of being the only child, my father taught me to cook my own food and share, even if its that one last bite you’ve saved for yourself, share!
He is the one who would wear chappals just to get me a branded ones. Do every bit, just to see me smile.
But we hardly appreciate the things our fathers do; without any expectations!
Yes, mothers are selfless, but that…

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